Music anyone?

I’ve been in a musical mood lately and hearing jazz! I already posted sexy soul, how about some louie and friends!

Here is “Beat of the Drums” an abstract of a drummer on the streets in New Orleans. You can see the drummer off to the right taking a break and his drums all aglow in front of the French Quarter architecture. 12″W x 16″ T stretched canvas acrylic painting. $225.00 would look great in your music room or band room!

“Beat of the Drums”

Want to do some “Groovin’ to some jazz, soul or funk with a bass sax just a roaring his toons. How about this 12″w x 16” t stretched canvas acrylic painting of just that scene. $195.00


And now the man that has been in my head this week. I call this painting Louie in honor of Louie Armstrong. Looking at the painting I can see Louie playing his horn and his cheeks just a bulging. 12″ T X 16″ W stretched canvas acrylic painting $195.00

Prints are available for all these above.

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