Recently I had the privilege and honor to donate one of my paintings “Secret Serenity” to the Director of the Birmingham Veterans Administration. The Birmingham VA is responsible for the care of most of Alabamas veterans through the area hospitals and clinics.

Here is a portion of the letter I enclosed with the painting at the presentation:

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you do for veterans. As a past nursing administrator, I am well aware that many times the only time you hear from patients is when there is a problem. In the past I have been one of those patients.

Let it be known that without the Veterans Administration Healthcare, I would not be here to write this thank you letter today. My experience with the Ann Arbor, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the Huntsville/Birmingham VA’s have been as good as any military or civilian hospital I have worked at over the past 39 years. Are there issues – yes, as is any workplace, healthcare facility, or home, but they have improved over time which is a great goal.

Having returned to my hobby of painting after my retirement, I frequently end up wondering what to do with a painting. Please accept this acrylic landscape of the Tetons titled “Secret Serenity” for the the V.A. It is an acrylic painting covered with a UV protecting varnish. The painting is a 20 inches wide x 16 inches tall and 5/8” inch thick stretched canvas. I have enclosed a certificate of authenticity and seal as well as a brochure on the care of acrylic paintings.

Since I have started to sell some of my artwork, my family has decided to donate a portion of all sales to either the Gary Sinise Foundation or the Wounded Warrior Project.

If you decide to hang this painting, I hope it will bring happiness and joy into a veteran’s life. Wishing you all the best“

What I say here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yes, our VA is doing a great job when you consider the VA is the 3rd or 4th largest healthcare organization in the country.

I have stage 3 heart failure. If not for the VA I would not be here today. If you know of a VA in your area, send them a thank you – they would appreciate it!

Here is a picture of the presentation.

Lt to Rt 0 Huntsville Director, Dr. Cole Suttlar (My MD), Me, Stacey Vasquez – Birmingham VA Director


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