What kind of Funk is it?

I have been having allot of funk trying to paint. The problem is I am not sure what – is it Simon and GarFUNKel?, FUNK and Wagners dictionary?, down in the FUNK?, FUNKy President?, FUNKy Winkerbean, or ole FUNKy Town?. I am not sure beat either one I need to kick it to the curb!

Sore hands or not I must get the Groove back! Speaking of GROOVE I still have some Jazz Paintings available, they would look great in the Man Cave, Game Room, Music Room or Band Room!:

Beat of the Drums! 16″w x 12″ T Acrylic $225.00
GROOVIN’ 12″ W X 16″ T ACRYLIC $195.00
“LOUIE” 12″ W X 16″ T Acrylic $195.00
SAXY SOUL 24″w x 20″ T Acrylic $315.00

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