All Settled in, A Police Officer Needs Help

Well we have finally all settled in. My family believes strongly in helping those in need, especially those that defend and protect us.

This is a post from a local social media site “Next Door” here in Montgomery.

Montgomery Police Officer Carlos Taylor was critically injured in the line of duty protecting us. The critical injuries left Carlos paralyzed and wheelchair bound. His family is in dire need of a special van with lift gate so Carlos can be transported. Between now and the end of Labor Day weekend we are going to meet and surpass our goal of 25K. Knowing my Facebook and NextDoor friends and how you always step up, I believe we will raise the entire 60K! Please join me in giving to Wounded Blue through the site below. No gift is too small and all are 100% tax deductible. We need business owners as well as individuals to all give something regardless of the amount. Please respond on my Facebook page or NextDoor when you give so I can personally thank you. Back the Blue on Labor Day weekend, 2020!!

We have offered to donate several paintings for auction to help this family in need, we need your help in getting as much as possible for these, 100% of the money raised goes to the family in need.

Please visit my EBAY store to bid on these items, please remember I will get nothing, all proceeds go to help this family.

A. “BIRDS ON A TREE” – ACRYLIC 20″w x 16″t x 5/8″ deep.


B. “Blue Sky Over River” – ACRYLIC 20″w x 16″t x 5/8″ deep.


C. “Compassion” Acrylic 14″t x 11″w x 5/8″ Deep


D. “Crashing Waves” Acrylic 24″ w x 18″t x 5/8″ Deep


E. “Dancing Dolphins” Acrylic 14″w x 11″t x 5/8″ Deep


F. “Dueling Arabians” Acrylic 20″t x 16″ w x 5/8″ Deep


G. “Placencia” Acrylic 20″w x 16″t x 5/8″ Deep


H. “Saxy Soul” Acrylic 24″w x 20″ t x 3/4″ Deep


I. “Winter Gathering” Acrylic 20″w x 16″t x 5/8″ Deep


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