New Year!

My, oh my, 2020 was a year to be remembered for a long time to come. Hopefully, 2021 will soon see this COVID kicked to the curb and things will slowly return the U.S. to an economic powerhouse!

One of the worst parts of 2020 saw the cancellation of so many art and craft shows, museum shows etc. I even attempted to have a show and sale at my home. I sold a few paintings and figurines, more than covered the advertisements etc but I now have such a huge supply of paintings and figurines. Online sales have gone down because so many others are taking to selling online now, and then there is also the advent of “Digital Painting”, where photographs are taken, edited and printed on canvas. So a two or three week landscape oil painting that I would do takes a few hours and sells for much less. What is a man to do? Oh well, just keep painting and striving to improve, I have taken several online courses/classes to help with my techniques etc. We will see, and I Pray that we get this COVID under control so festivals and shows return!

Enough babbling, Here are some my latest paintings: Remember, all of my paintings are varnished with a UV protecting varnish.

I have also finished several more ceramic pieces and have sold quite a few lately. I will list a few of my favorite pieces here but I have so many…

And there are many many more Santa’s, rabbits, wildlife… just visit my ETSY store!

Don’t forget to visit my fine art store where you can get any of my paintings imprinted and dozens of different items or order a print.

Until next time!

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