Back at It!

Well after surgery on my left hand and 6 weeks of therapy I am to the point I am ready to start painting again. As you can see I updated my blog and restarted my ETSY page since I will start having more added to it. Here is one of my recent paintings just finished before surgery and I recently put my final coat of varnish on since it is an oil painting.

This painting I call Bald Eagle Pose. it is an Oil Painting 20″ wide x 16″ tall. I was planning on keeping it for myself, however my wife keeps stealing many of my other paintings so I decided to list this one, especially in light of everything happening in our country currently. I am selling this painting for $250.00, it took me almost a week to complete. When I look at it I see strength, hope, power and majesty. All of these virtues are keeping me in hopes of our country solving all of her issues soon.


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