Art Exhibition

Well I have submitted four pieces of art to the 55th Annual Montgomery Art Guild Regions Bank Exhibition. The exhibition will be judged by William downs ( ). I will find out by August 18th if any of my pieces are selected. Opening reception for the exhibition is Tuesday September 14th at 5:30 and the exhibition continues until October 6th.

Here are my pieces I submitted:

Eagle Pose 16″ wide x 20″ tall oil painting $425.00. I painted this last year in the middle of the COVID outbreak. I was going to have the Eagle crying, but I thought against it. My thoughts were that with our nations Mighty National Bird standing Proud as if he is watching over us it would help people feel better about themselves and knowing our country will help see us through these trying times.

Groovin’ 12″ wide x 16″ Tall acrylic $225.00 – My son Joshua loves Jazz and was at New Orleans a couple of years ago and took several pictures of the music scene. This is one he had taken of a gentleman grooving out on his sax (Don’t tell Dr. Joshua I told you so but he used to be quite the tenor sax player himself!) I thought I would try painting some abstract paintings from some of his photos. The white stars on here are painted with iridescent white which helps it “pop” when you see it in person.

Old Sycamore 11″ wide x 14″ tall Oil and acrylic $350.00. My wife Cherie and our son Joshua love trees. At our home in Northwest Ohio we had over three hundred trees. All of the maples and oaks around the house Cherie had named. At our friends house in southern Alabama they have an old sycamore tree, I loved the appearance of it when the sun hit it just right in the fall and tried several times to get the look just right. I think I got a decent look!

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