Been Busy

Been a busy couple of weeks. Have 6 new paintings and working on two others. (When I get hung up, I start another painting of a different type (landscape, Portrait, Wildlife/Pet or still life) to get my mind thinking in different directions.

I started a painting of the Jaguar Temple in Belize that my son took a while back and had problems maintaining straight lines across a 40″ canvas. I could have used tape but I prefer not to whenever possible, plus I was concerned about messing up wet areas or recently dried areas.

I came up with the idea of using a straight edge they use in sawing wood! So now I can finish my sons painting. He has been so patient. (Even though he claims half of my paintings for himself, and my wife several so that doesn’t leave me much for shows or selling!)

One of my favorites the past couple weeks is a fantasy painting, I haven’t tried one of these for a very long time. I call it “I’m Home”. Make sure and visit my gallery – you can buy paintings, prints and even frames!

“I’m Home” 16″ wide, 12″ tall, 1 1/2″deep gallery wrapped stretched canvas