New Online Gallery

I have created a new online gallery with I think I am going to like this site. My site is

You can buy any of my artwork in any style of print, tapestry or other items even an iPhone case. Here is an example:

Here you can see types of print material for a wall hanging, posters etc. Anything you want framed there are literally thousands of types, widths, colors etc and it is fast to choose.

Farther down you can see you can order greeting cards and specify what you want on the inside., I-Phone cases and yes, you can specify the type., Pillows, bed throws, shower curtains, coffee mugs, tote bags etc. If there is something you wish that isn’t there contact me and I will try and have them get it!

Even more, Do you have something special you want painted, and then I can do that and have prints made as well.

Let me know what you think!

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